Photography Exhibit Benefiting Children First Foundation

Mar 02, 2005

“Images from the Portfolios of William D. Claudson”

Dr. William Claudson is retired from the faculty at Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville. He received his Bachelor’s degree from Colorado State University and his Master and Doctor of Philosophy degrees from Northwestern University. During his tenure at Southern Illinois University he served as Professor and Chairman of the Department of Music, and President of the University Faculty Senate. He is now President of the SIUE Annuitants Association.

He became interested in black and white fine art photography by studying the works of such artists as Ansel Adams, Edward Weston, Paul Strand, Fred Picker and other master photographers. He was fascinated by the form and structure of their subject matter, and also by the technique these photographers used in producing prints that made a “picture” into an artistic expression. There was also an emotional appeal in these photographs that made them unique and captivating. The combination of the objective and subjective is common to all art forms, including fine art photography, and the degree to which they are achieved is the measure of the artistic quality of the product.

The objective aspects of any art form are relatively easy to define since the technique can be studied, understood, applied and practiced. They also form the basis of legitimate criticism. But the subjective, emotional qualities are frequently elusive and subject to varieties of artistic interpretation. It is these qualities that constitute both the striving and the achieving of any artist. The photographs presented at this exhibit offered the photographer an objective technical presentation of a unique subject matter and the challenge of a subjective emotional expression.

“Images from the Portfolios of William D. Claudson” at the Broadway Center of Arts, 124 E. Main Street, Belleville, IL (3/4/05-3/28/05). Gallery Hours: M-Th: 4-7, F-Sat: 10-4. Opening Reception, March 4, 2005; 7-9pm.